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JulieFowlerJulie Fowler for Colours Through The Air from the UK


EricSorensenEric Sorensen for Pop Geek Heaven from Northern Virginia


MaximumVolumeMusicDamian Sullivan for Maximum Volume Music from the UK


WayneLundquistFordWayne Lundquist Ford on Ice Cream Man Power Pop in Sweden


ChipperSaamChipper Saam on Chasing the Essential in Dearborn Michigan


PacopepeGilPacopepe Gil on Plastico Elastico in Madrid Spain


CurtVanceCurt Vance on Power Pop Overdose in Chicago Illinois


oncewasanoteMichael DeAngelis on There Once Was a Note in Lancaster South Carolina


SparkRadioCarl on This Is Rock 'N' Roll Radio in Syracuse NY


JohnToddJohn Thompson Todd on Under The Radar KKFI 90.1 in Kansas City Missouri


BarryLeeBarry Lee on Signal to Noise KKFI 90.1 in Kansas City Missouri